Critical Cartography & Restoration Project

Collective Mapping Workshops
Istanbul, Turkey
2018-09 - 4th Istanbul Design Biennial
Design and planning education is typically divorced from the complexity and political nature of building. It lacks spatial agency. In response, a Collaborative Mapping Workshop series for action-oriented mapping, developed for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial. 

The curators of the Biennial ask: “What is the role of seen and unseen spatial information in learning?” Through experimental ways of collecting and layering spatial information, from field surveys to remote sensing and archival research of maps, the workshops use maps as a medium of knowledge creation and corresponding actions using the historic waterfronts of Istanbul as a case study. Mapping entails creating and building the world as much as measuring, documenting and describing it. The outcome of the workshops is to introduce alternative ways of designing through the cartographic process.

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